Valentine’s Day Cake

Spread the love and celebrate togetherness on Valentine’s Day with Uncle Fluffy’s delectable range of soft, light and sweet Japanese fluffy cheesecakes.

Moist, delicate, and baked to perfection, these popular Japanese fluffy cakes are perfect for an extraordinary Valentine’s Day celebration with your special someone or with your family and friends.

Our signature Japanese cheesecakes combine all the awesome goodness and overflowing flavor of this world renowned dessert with the in-house pastry techniques that are exclusive to the Uncle Fluffy brand.

And the result? A decadent concoction that’s sure to delight all kinds of sweet tooth and discerning tastes.

Treat your loved ones to a special Valentine’s Day cake in Dubai from Uncle Fluffy

At Uncle Fluffy, our recipe for the famous dancing Japanese cheesecake only includes the highest quality ingredients measured in precise quantities. We use the finest cream cheese, premium butter and the highest grade farm-fresh eggs for a delightful taste that you can savour with every bite of our Japanese fluffy cakes in Dubai.

Aside from the classic Japanese fluffy cheesecakes you’ve come to know, we can personalise your order by adding the recipient’s name or a short message on the cake’s soft and sweet surface.

Who said you have to visit Japan to get a taste of their famous dancing and jiggly cheesecakes? With Uncle Fluffy, you can order them online and have them delivered straight to your door, or you can drop by at our stores! Simple as that.

Bite into the soft, succulent goodness of Japanese cheese cake – perfect for Valentine Day & other special occasions!

Sprinkle a little magic to your Valentine Day celebration. Make it unforgettable and extra special, as it should be.

Order online and enjoy our quick, easy and hassle-free cake delivery service, available in all of Dubai.

Want to personally see our selection? Come and visit our stores located in some of the trendiest locations in Dubai: Ibn Battuta Mall, Dragon Mart 1 and Jumeirah Park Pavilion.